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International Health Certificates

International travel with pets requires careful planning and official documentation. Our accredited veterinarians are authorized to issue the necessary health certificates needed by foreign countries. We’re familiar with the various requirements of different destinations and can guide you through the detailed process to ensure your pet’s travel goes smoothly.

  • Advance Planning: Begin preparations up to 6 months in advance to meet all health protocols.
  • Detailed Documentation: We’ll manage the complex paperwork and necessary health checks.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Expect several visits for thorough examinations, vaccinations, and certifications.
  • Country-Specific Compliance: Every country has unique entry requirements, and we’ll ensure your pet meets them.
  • Travel Guidance: We provide advice on pet-friendly airlines, quarantine laws, and tips for traveling with your pet.

To ensure a stress-free international journey for your pet, please book an appointment as soon as your travel plans are known.