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Our Wellness program for cows is designed to ensure the health and productivity of your herd through regular health assessments, nutritional counseling, and preventive care strategies. Focusing on early detection of potential health issues, our comprehensive approach includes monitoring growth rates, body condition scoring, and managing environmental stressors. We aim to keep your cows thriving in all aspects of health and well-being, supporting both their performance and your farm’s success.


Castration is a routine procedure in cattle management, aimed at controlling breeding, improving herd behavior, and increasing the value of beef cattle. Our team performs castrations with precision and care, utilizing the most humane and effective techniques to ensure minimal stress and discomfort for the animal. We also provide guidance on post-operative care and management to ensure a smooth recovery.


Dehorning is a necessary practice in cattle management to prevent injuries to other animals and handlers. Our service is carried out with the well-being of the cow as our top priority, using pain management and the latest techniques to minimize stress. We emphasize the importance of performing dehornings at an early age when possible and provide aftercare instructions to promote healing and reduce complications.

Pregnancy Checks

Pregnancy checks are vital for managing the reproductive health of your herd. Our veterinary team uses ultrasound and other diagnostic methods to accurately determine pregnancy status, helping you make informed decisions about herd management, nutrition, and calving preparations. Regular pregnancy checks maximize reproductive efficiency and support the health of both cows and their calves.


A robust vaccination program is essential for protecting your cows from common infectious diseases. We tailor our vaccination services to the specific needs of your herd, considering local disease risks and herd health goals. Vaccinations are a critical component of preventive health care, ensuring your cows remain healthy, productive, and capable of reaching their full potential.

Emergency Services

Our Emergency Services for cows are available to address urgent health concerns, including injuries, calving difficulties, and acute illnesses. Quick response and treatment can be crucial to the outcome of these emergencies. Our team is prepared to provide immediate, compassionate care to minimize suffering and ensure the best possible health outcomes for your cows.

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Annual Insecticide Ear Tagging

Annual Insecticide Ear Tagging is an effective method to control parasites and protect your cattle from vector-borne diseases. This service involves placing ear tags treated with insecticides on your cows, offering long-lasting protection against flies and other pests. This preventive measure not only enhances the comfort and well-being of your cows but also supports overall herd health by reducing the risk of disease transmission.