About Us

The South Deerfield Veterinary Clinic was established in 1973 with the intent of providing quality veterinary care for both small and large animals in the western Massachusetts area.

Our Doctors


Samantha Clay, DVM

Dr Clay purchased the practice in 2021. Grew up in Western Mass and was active with the Mass 4-H equine program as a youth.

Dr Clay is a graduate of Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr Clay looks forward to meeting all clients. She hopes to continue to serve large and small animal medical needs in town and in the surrounding communities. Everyone is welcome at South Deerfield Veterinary Clinic!

Andraya Cole, DVM MPH

Dr. Cole joined the practice in September 2021. Grew up in Central Massachusetts, and has enjoyed being back close to home. Dr Cole attended Hamilton College in upstate New York for undergraduate studies and Washington State University for Veterinary School. She also holds a masters in public health from the University of Minnesota.

Dr Cole enjoys the variety of mixed animal practice but particularly loves working with cats and small ruminants/camelids as well as client education. In her spare time, Dr Cole enjoys farming with her husband and daughter, doing jigsaw puzzles, and discovering new places for great food.

Our Staff


Shelley Wilson

Shelley is our Office Manager originally from Belchertown and currently resides in New Salem. She has a cat Stella and several chickens. In Shelley's free time she enjoys being outdoors, quilting and spending time at home with her family.

Holly Karrasch

Holly is a Certified Technician. Holly has been a Large and Small Animal Technician and Surgery Tech for us. On her time off you can find Holly relaxing and reading a book in her hammock hanging from her goat barn. Holly also has a cat named Muffin and a Bassett Hound lab cross named Bella.

Shayla Fiedler

Shayla is one of our Certified Technicians. Shayla has worked as a Small and Large animal Technician and as a surgery Technician. Shayla most interested in working wih the wildlife. At home she has 2 cats and far too many fish tanks. . In her free time she likes to draw, paint, and sculpt. She briefly worked in LA doing special effects for horror movies!

Lexi Matuzko

Lexi is a Large and Small Animal Technician for us. Lexi has had horses all of her life. Lexi owns a horse, a dog, and a cat. Lexi is a certified Equine Message Therapist. Lexi enjoys spending time with her friends and animals.

Donna McCartney

Donna has been here as a small animal Technician for many years at South Deerfield Veterinary Clinic. We have all enjoyed working with Donna over the years. Donna has retired and has plans to spend more time with her pets and family. Thank You and we will miss you.

Lizzy Hardy

Lizzy has been one of our Intern Technicians, she currently is studying as a Pre-Vet Major at UMass. Lizzy will be a senior in the fall of 2023. She lives in Orange and has had horses all her life, she competes on the Umass Equestrian Team. Lizzie has also been active in the Mustang Adoption Program. At home Lizzie has chinchillas, geckos, turtles, and rabbits. In her spare time Lizzie enjoys training her Mustang, going on hikes with her dog Rowan

Emily Putnam

Emily is one of our experienced Receptionist. Emily has been at this clinic for many years and knows all the clients that come in. Emily pretty much loves everything cows.

Kirsten Leitner-Markert

Kirsten works as one of our Main Reception. Kirsten is great helping clients. She is particularly fond of dogs with beards. Kirsten enjoys being home with her family, pets and gardening. In her spare time she likes to walk the beach with her dog and cuddle with her pets.

Allison Devino

Allison joined our team of Intern Technician. Allison is graduating from Smith Vocational School in May. Allison will be attending Umass as a Pre-Vet Student in the fall of 2023. Allie will be with us over the summer as a exam room technician. Allison has had many accomplishments at a young age, which include winning the state dairy judging and winning 1st place in the state science fair for FFA. Allison future goals are to become a Veterinarian. Congratulations on your graduations.

Riley Lacaprucia, We are happy to announce that Riley is back with us. Riley is now a Certified Technician and has joined our team as a Surgery and Large animal Technician. Riley enjoys being outdooors and hunting. Congrats on your prize turkey recently.

Corey Raymond, Has came to us from Florida as a experience Veterinary Technician. Corey is one of our exam room technicians. Corey enjoys spending time with all our cats. We are happy to have him.

Katelyn Corey, Joined our team as a certified Technician, Kate has been working in our exam room during appointments. Kate has many years of experience as a technician. Kate lives on a farm with her many ciows, pigs, chickens and enjoys her life with her family.

Justice Tocker, Justice works as one of our main Receptionist. Justice enjoys working on our Facebook and Emails for the clinic. She loves cats, and cat related things. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her cats, and knitting. During her work hours, she enjoys spending time with Primo our clinic cat. Justice has taught him to Hi-Five.

Amanda Godin Joined our team working as a Receptionist. Amanda has worked for many years as a technician. We are happy to have her. Amanda enjoys hiking, spending time with her cat and traveling.

Grace Clendenin, Recently joined our team as a Smith Vocational Student in their Work Study Program. Grace will be a senior in the Fall. Grace is assisting in the exam rooms. In her spare time Grace is milking cows on her family farm and enjoys being in 4-H showing her cows.

Rachel Staub, Rachel is a Junior in the Umass Pre-Vet Program and aspires to be a veterinarian. Rachel has worked as a technician in our exam rooms. Rachel plans to take the summer off and be back with us in the fall of 2023.